Internship at UTMindia

An internship gives an insight into professional life - it helps to find different job profiles and to discover the working world at Ambiel.
Whether it's a compulsory internship (e.g. BOGY / BORS) or a professional orientation in the IT sector or a voluntary internship - we make it possible!

Internship at the company UTMindia

Sense and purpose of the student internship

The insight into practice helps to orient oneself in the work and to gain clarity. You have the opportunity to see colleagues over their shoulders, to get to know teamwork and to take on tasks independently. Entry into an IT company with diverse, practical IT models can be found.

When should I apply?

At least three months before the desired period. We don't generate many internships because we also want to have time for our interns. The earlier we receive an application, the better our chances of designing a meaningful internship.

content of the application

The cover letter should contain dates and the desired area. In the IT area, all hardware and software orientations are of interest to us so that we can plan for the appropriate area. You should include a CV and your most recent school report with your application.

May I choose an area?

In your application, please state which areas you are interested in:
An internship for school students can be carried out in a technical or commercial area, for example

Duration of the student internship?

Usually one week is planned.

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