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The retina display on the MacBook is very unique, and as a result much more expensive to service. If you want an appointment with a Genius Bar, you can find that additional information here. Damage to a MacBook screen can feel like an end of the world kind of scenario. Experts at Apple stores are trained extensively on how to quickly and efficiently replace or repair screens. Screen repairs represent close to 25% of all the different repairs that Apple experts handle for customers in-store.

You now own a physically damaged MacBook Pro with a broken screen and possibly even liquid damage. You have two choices: Repair your MacBook or purchase a new MacBook. Use the money you would have spent to repair your device, but spend it on a brand new device!

Apple products are meticulously designed, and the mechanisms in them are complex. Repairs provided by Apple can cost $149-$399 for earlier models and up to $599 for newer iPhone X, 11, and 12 models. Independent repair services can usually solve your Apple problems at a lower cost. Repairs performed by Apple may also be expensive because Apple processes so many repairs. Fix Apple Now puts time and energy into correctly diagnosing the issue and pinpointing the repairs. Independent providers are perfectionists, too, and we have access to high-quality materials and technicians.

Check Google reviews and Reseller Ratings to ensure the site is reputable. Our reviews are also the highest-rated in the Apple trade-in industry. The best way to find out how much your MacBook Pro or other MacBook is worth is by entering your serial number and getting a quote.

A reliable trade-in service like AppleMacBook.in is the ideal place to learn how much your MacBook or MacBook Pro is worth. To obtain a fast price, provide your serial number and a few questions about the condition. Depending on the age and capability of your device, Apple offers gift cards in a variety of denominations. Depending on the age and usefulness of your MacBook or other Apple product, Apple offers various gift card payouts.



We analysis the machine, Our engineer contact you with status and provide a average cost if you agree than we move to repair.


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